Century Old Farm Launches Beef Business

First for Clare – Beef Direct From the Burren

Fifth- generational farmer Cathal O’ Rourke and his wife Bronagh have launched a new business amid the coronavirus pandemic, they saw an opportunity to launch Burren Beef, a farm-to-table boxed-beef business.

The O’Rourke’s have been farming in The Burren for almost a century. Cathal and Bronagh are incredibly passionate about farming, conservation and sustainability. Together with their three daughters, they are custodians of the land, applying best practice traditional farming methods to manage and protect the region for future generations and produce beef with Bord Bia approval. 

Bronagh and Cathal have sourced the best Artisan Butcher in Valhalla Meats who run a farm to table family business. Focused on bringing the heritage of farm provenance back to everybody’s kitchen with modern consumer solution and are collaborating with them to bring to your table the best tasting beef having grazed there amazing 500 diverse farm in the heart of the Burren in Co Clare. 

The Burren is one of world’s most unique and outstanding landscapes. It is an oasis of natural habitat, from unique herbs to fragile orchids, seasonal lakes to rare butterflies. It is the soul of Ireland. The practice of transhumance or out wintering is of enormous ecological significance: wintering animals remove all the dominant herbs and grasses that would otherwise inhibit herb growth and limit plant species diversity, without damaging these plants during their flowering season. This practice of grazing the rich herbs on the limestone pavement coupled with the lush grassland available to our livestock gives our beef a distinctive “Burren flavour and simply taste better”.

“The straight-to-consumer market is going to become the new thing,” Bronagh O Rourke said. “With Burren Beef, we are able to provide people with that experience.”

The care and work that the O’Rourke’s invest in producing meat of the highest standard eases the shopping process for their customers. Their excellent produce comes in boxes containing a variety of cuts, from a variety of steaks, beef strips, minced beef to roasts and delivered straight to your door.

Knowing beforehand exactly where your top quality, tasty beef is coming from, that it’s local and that you’re getting a range of different cuts takes the thinking out of your meat shopping for weeks on end, saving you valuable time otherwise lost to browsing

Each box contains a selection of cuts, both premium and household. This type of mixing gives great value in the boxes. It also means that the farm supplier gets a good return from an entire animal. Valhalla Meats don’t have a high price for premium cuts or a low price for lesser cuts. They believe all meat is made equal and we reflect this in our meat boxes.

The mystery adds to the surprise and can be your inspiration to be more inventive over the stove or the bbq.

Delivery time approx 3/4 days working days from order placement.

Orders placed on Thursday/Friday/Saturday will be dispatched the following Monday.

Go to: https://burrenfarmexperience.ie for more information.

HOTWORX Launch in Galway

New HOTWORX Studio Launch in Galway 
Free Membership For all Blue Light Employees

Some Like It HOT! HOTWORX have launched their first studio in Galway, opening early last month. The new health club has revolutionised the fitness industry by providing the ultimate calorie burning, hot exercise experience. Their powerful combination of heat, infrared energy, and exercise is a form of “3D Training“- makes HOTWORX a workout unlike any other fitness programme available.

Customers enter a sauna where they can perform a solo workout one-on-one with the virtual instructor/trainer. This workout is completely isolated from everything and everyone in the studio. Friends and family also have the option to workout together and up to 3 people can be in any one sauna at a time, this workout is now the most socially secured workout available anywhere in the health club industry.

HOTWORX was created for users who want to flush toxins from their body and burn a massive amount of calories in the process.

To celebrate their launch, they are currently offering a one month free membership from August to September for frontline  or ‘ blue light’ employees, to show gratitude for their service during Covid 19. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please register your interest by calling the studio on 091 760 007, or contacting them through facebook before the 21st of August.

HOTWORX is located on the Tuam Road, Galway City. 

The 43rd Clifden Arts Festival 2020 – September 17-22, 2020

“A unique and outstanding experience… a ‘meitheal’ between artists and audience forged on a profound respect for community and belonging”President Michael D Higgins
Resilience and community spirit combine as Clifden Arts Festival returns against the odds for its 43rd celebration of art, music and illumination.
Ireland’s longest running community arts festival will open its arms once again this September as it looks to create a spark of light in a strange new world. With the country and its artistic community struggling during these uncertain times, Clifden Arts Festival will fly the flag for creativity and colour and be a beacon for those in need of wonderment. 
This year’s line-up features the finest musicians, writers, artists, and thinkers, appearing across venues in the Connemara capital, all in accordance with HSE guidelines to ensure the safety of guests, artists and volunteers. A new digital platform will also open the event up to online audiences. 
Among the musical highlights this year will be a special St Joseph’s Church performance by The Gloaming and Afro Celt Soundsystem star Iarla Ó Lionáird who will be accompanied by 
Steve Cooney for an exploration of the sean-nós tradition. Meanwhile, fellow Cúil Aodha stalwart 
Peadar Ó Riada will be debuting new material written during the lockdown alongside Seán O Sé. Musical alchemy is promised with a visit by the illustrious trio of Máirtín O ConnorZoë Conway and the great Dónal Lunny who together will wed the old and the new through a striking traditional sensibility. 
The Festival’s commitment to the best writing in the world remains steadfast. Specially curated pre recorded digital events will see readings and discussion with award-winning essayist Sinéad Gleeson (Constellations), poet and novelist Elaine Feeney (As You Were), and bestselling Booker-nominated author Colum McCann (Let the Great World Spin). 
RTÉ current affairs presenter David McCullagh, meanwhile, will bring his recent Éamon de Valera biography Rule: 1932-1975 to the Twelve Pins for what will be an insightful examination of a controversial figure in Irish history. Clifden is also honoured to receive Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental, who will discuss his time in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and aftermath.
The community was rocked earlier this year with the passing of writer, cartographer and Roundstone resident Tim Robinson (The Connemara TrilogyStones of Aran) and his wife Máiréad. This year, Clifden Arts Festival will pay homage to the Robinsons with a special panel discussion featuring Dr Nessa Cronin NUIG, poet Moya Cannon, and Dr Fidelma Mullane exploring their extraordinary contribution to the region. Author Mary McGillicuddy, meanwhile, will present an accessible voyage into the wisdom and philosophies of the late, great John Moriarty.  
The Festival has adapted its famous visual arts “studio trail”, which this year will see an open studio with artist and Aosdána member Margaret Irwin West. Finally, the tireless Druid theatre company will bring its outdoor production of Garry Hynes’s DruidGregory: A Galway 2020 Commission

Pictured at the opening of the 40th Clifden Arts Festival are Creative Director Brendan Flynn and President Micheal D Higgins who officially opened the festival with members of the Footsbarn Theatre group.
Éamon de Valera Rule: 1932-1975
David McCullagh is a broadcaster with RTÉ, presenting Prime Time on television and This Week on the radio. He is the author of A Makeshift Majority. This is a history
of the first Inter-Party Government; The Reluctant Taoiseach, a biography of John A. Costello; and most recently of a two-volume biography of Éamon de Valera – Rise: 1882- 1932 and Rule: 1932-1975.

RTE Business Tips with PR Pam



Tips with PR Pam for RTE Business
PR Pam provides RTE Business with her Top Tips


The use of video on your website or social media platforms can add life to your business. It is a fantastic opportunity to get the ethos of your company across while entertaining your audience.

While the thought of standing in front of the camera for the first time can be daunting there are a few things you can consider before launching into your amateur film making career.

As part of our Boost My Business initiative Fiona Alston asked experienced media professional Pamela Finn for some pointers to getting the best out of your videos.

Pamela is owner of Galway and Dublin based PR Pam and co-owner of Social TV @Hashtag Media. She has a wealth of experience both in front of the camera and advising on content creation. These are her top tips to creating your own videos:

Know your target audience – before anyone does anything on social media, and often this is forgotten about, it’s really important to know your target audience. Before you create any video know what you’re creating and why you’re creating it.

Make a plan – people often just shoot video with no plan in place. What happens is they might record a video one day and then wait maybe three or four weeks to record another video – you are better planning ahead and actually creating all your videos in one day because sometimes you’d be on a roll for videos and you’re better off to keep some synergy in the style of videos that you’re going to create.

Tell stories that people want to hear – you need to tell stories on your video that you think your audience would be interested in. It’s not all about selling – it should be 10% selling in your video and 90% is storytelling about your business and what you do. It’s really important to keep your voice authentic when you’re telling a story, it should show your personality – are you weird, quirky, offbeat, colourful or artistic? Be yourself because it comes across if you’re not being authentic in a video.

Match your content to your brand voice – Your content should be reflective of your brand voice – your logo style, who you are as a brand, who your audience is.

Feature your brand colours and logos – feature these as much as possible in the video. For example, with our videos, we use a lot of yellow, black, and green because that is a lot of our branding. If you are a cool funky brand you can introduce a lot of colour in the clothes that you wear or the backdrops that you’re using.

Create videos yourself before investing in large productions – there’s lot of production companies out there, but you can easily create a video on an iPhone or an Android phone. What I recommend is that you always record your videos horizontally. Instagram and Facebook are square boxes so if you get the wide spectrum of the shot you can cut it if needs be.

Invest in a lapel mic – lapel mics can be low cost starting at around €30. Clip it on to your shirt and it goes to your phone and it just means the sound quality is a lot better.

Upload videos as a native video – what I mean by native video is you shouldn’t have to click through anywhere in order to view the video. People don’t want to click through to view a video, they want to see it straightaway.

Share your brand video on you social media platforms – I would recommend that you upload it to YouTube, set up a YouTube channel for your company – a one minute video is considered the equivalent of about 1.8 million words, that just shows the impact of video.

Take free classes – there’s lots of free classes online at the moment for filming and editing so you don’t need to buy a top of the range camera you can just use your smart phone. They’ll teach you proper angles for interviews – play around with that and find out what you’re comfortable with.

Keep your stories short – definitely no more than three minutes, and I would try to reduce it down to a minute. Don’t be long winded with your story, keep it simple. You can download an autocue app for your phone to help keep you on script.

Why Book A Mentoring Session ?

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

How true is the above statement ? A business mentor is someone that teaches you, guides you..however, they do not DO the work…

To get the most out of your mentoring session here are a few top tips:

Take Notes:

Yes, it seems like common knowledge, taking notes during mentoring is up to the mentee, they need to create an action list from these notes, it’s important to review after the session.


You should be inspired after your mentoring session to take action and make changes in your business, the mentor can provide ideas, however, you must put these into a plan.


Fail to plan, prepare to fail…how true are these words ? Would you go on a flight without planning the time you take off, how you get to your destination ? How long will it take you ?

Finally….when booking a mentor session, make sure you ask questions about the mentors experience, how long are they in business ? How many other businesses have they assisted /mentored ? Are they a good fit for your business ? Google them, follow them on social media and make sure they are a good fit for you and your business.

To book a mentoring session go to: http://www.prpam.ie/booking-pr-pam/

What The Best PR Strategies Have In Common

Here’s what the most successful PR strategies have in common.

They support goals that are specific

We’re often approached by prospective clients who articulate their goals in somewhat vague terms. They may talk about generating visibility for a tech startup, or a desire to position the CEO as a thought leader. Maybe the company has weathered some bad PR and it’s looking for a reputation lift. These are all fine objectives, but to develop a successful PR strategy, it’s our job to help the client set more specific and tailored goals. Fewer, clearer objectives always beat vague or sweeping ones. Think in terms of measurable brand preference, increases in website traffic, lead generation, or even specific deliverables, like speaking opportunities generated for the CEO.

They’re actionable 

The best PR strategy is only as good as the execution behind it. A strategy is a road map of specific tactics chosen and tailored to support the organization’s goals. Your core strategy to differentiate and promote your accounting firm may be to position its partners as experts in personal financial planning, for example. Yet that’s meaningless until you have the media pitches, seminar opportunities, or content to support and show off that expertise. It’s also important that tactics are flexible and can be changed as the competitive environment or market trends dictate.

They involve tailored messages

Successful PR plans work to convey messages and stories that are – at least to a degree – ownable by the company or brand in question. They’re not borrowed from a competitor or taken from press release boilerplate. And as with key tactics, they’re reviewed and revised regularly to reflect changes or to incorporate trends or new developments. Here, less is more.

They’re informed by research

At times we underestimate the time and research required for a solid PR strategy that includes tight messaging and multiple media storylines. PR is much more than a one-way broadcasting of information or storytelling; with the right research, it works as a two-way channel by responding to or persuading the right audiences. Pure PR instinct is a beautiful thing, but it just doesn’t cut it when we have access to so much high-quality information that’s useful for tailoring messaging and targets.

They’re measurable

New tools make measuring outcomes far easier and more precise than in the past, but they must be in place in advance of program execution and included in the program budget. It’s curious (and sometimes frustrating) that marketers who wouldn’t dream of starting a new digital marketing program without a brand baseline, or measurable sense of brand preference in advance of spending on marketing, aren’t always equally focused on a reputation baseline before investing in a PR program.

They’re well resourced

One of the unhappiest outcomes of a client-agency relationship is one of disappointment when grand ambitions aren’t realized. Sometimes this is due to a poorly budgeted program. It’s far better to adjust goals and stage anticipated outcomes over a period of three to five years than to try to cram too much into a modest budget. In the case of earned media in particular, media coverage begets more coverage, so building momentum is key.

They’re in sync with other marketing and comms programs

Maybe full integration isn’t a goal, but simple coordination adds value and helps prevent different campaigns from fighting each other. A compelling piece of branded content like a white paper or op-ed article can get a prospective customer into the purchase funnel, where he is then wooed through drip marketing messages, for example. Or maybe a prospect is already in the system and he comes across a particularly convincing testimonial in a trade publication. It all works in concert.

They’re (reasonably) flexible 

A strategic PR plan will be adaptable to market conditions, competitive developments, or changes in the news cycle. Some degree of change is the rule, not the exception. PR can take advantage of that with monthly plan reviews and adjustments. An advantage of earned media over traditional paid advertising is that PR can often shift tactics or adapt messaging with minimal cost, although the earned media approach lacks the test-and-tweak flexibility of digital advertising.

They include a contingency or crisis plan

Similarly, it pays to think through potentially damaging scenarios and be prepared with a defensive strategy in the event of unexpected developments. The key here is often quick access to decision makers and a clear chain of communication.

Credit: Dorothy Crenshaw

PR Grants For Business Covid 19

Business Continuity Voucher: Open for applications

The new Business Continuity Voucher, available through Local Enterprise Offices, is designed for businesses across every sector that employ up to 50 people.

The voucher is worth up to €2,500 in third party consultancy costs and can be used by companies and sole traders to develop short-term and long-term strategies to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The goal is to help companies make informed decisions about what immediate measures and remedial actions should be taken, to protect staff and sales.

If your application is successful, a qualified expert will be selected by your Local Enterprise Office to work with you on your business continuity plans. The value of this service is up to a maximum of €2,500.

Check out your LEO for details.

PR Pam – PR Galway – Dublin – Ireland

PR Mentor Galway

40 Digital Women to Watch in 2020

Irish Woman Announced as one of 40 women to watch for at Inaugural Digital Women Awards

40 Digital Women to Watch in 2020 


The DigitalWomen Awards in association with Natwest Business and the Federation of Small Businesses celebrate women working in digital and digital business from their amazing  community and beyond who are doing the most incredible work in the digital space they operate in, those who are making the right moves and going beyond and above what is usually expected.

Irish entrepreneur and co-founder of Social TV for Hashtag Media Pamela Finn, has been named as one of the Top 40 Women in Digital Media for the UK and Ireland and shortlisted  as a finalist in the upcoming award ceremony. 

Digital media start-up Hashtag Media, based in Dublin ,Galway & Sligo are spearheading the ambitious move to an innovative broadcast experience like no other as they bring the live TV experience to social media for the very first time. 

Owned by Pamela Finn and Jacinta Collins, Hashtag Media are leading the way in the digital revolution in an exciting initiative which sees the growing field of online communications combine with engaging, high quality broadcasting focused on bringing authentic social storytelling to life.


About Hashtag Media and Social TV

Social TV will merge the world of broadcast TV and social media for the first time using an innovative approach to storytelling and online communications.
Based in Sligo,Galway & Dublin, Hashtag Media are the top social solution for businesses Awards include Best Newcomers at the Digital Media Awards Ireland.

They were also features as one of the top 100 Start Ups in Ireland by the Sunday Business Post.